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Welltech Total Water Management

Welltech Australia’s leading water management company, dedicated to servicing the needs of Australian industry. Welltech contracted us to render an image for their up coming coffee table brochure which showed their process from concept to manufature.


Audiofly's AF45

Recreation of Audiofly's AF45. Born out of obsession, the AF45 delivers clear, honest tones. Well defined mids groove with a punchy bass and blend with stunning highs that chime like a church bell.

Orbit Ceiling Light

Orbit Ceiling Light

Designer - Jon Goulder

Description - A series of Plywood hoops cut to make a spherical form. Part of the 11.12 collection designed for the exhibition at FORM Gallery in Perth, Australia. Crafted by Jon Goulder at Midland Atelier 2010

Dimensions - W 1100mm D 650mm H 500mm

We helped Jon develop his idea which resulted in what you see above. Through the use of CAD and visualisation software we developed the final prototype. Once he was happy with the model we produced working drawings for CNC manufacture and had them cut through a local Perth company called Vital Line on Jon's behalf.